China’s East China Power Grid’s single-day out-of-area receiving power exceeded 70 million kilowatt

On August 25, the power received outside the region by the East China Branch of State Grid Corporation of China exceeded 70 million kilowatts, amounting to 70.45 million kilowatts, accounting for 20.65% of the total power load of the East China region at that time.

China State Grid East China Division gave full play to the role of regional power grid platform, actively implement medium- and long-term transactions, organizing provincial power companies to purchase additional power outside the region; innovative trading mechanism, through the inter-provincial spot, emergency scheduling and other means to fully support the Southwest hydropower consumption. July 1 ~ August 27, East China Grid cumulative consumption of Southwest China’s power 2.051 billion kilowatt-hours, the largest recipient of power up to 6.55 million kilowatts.

In order to ensure the safe operation of UHVDC, East China State Grid optimized the arrangement of grid mode, strengthened the control of grid risk, and continued to do a good job of UHVDC high-power incoming hours of the first and second sending section of the tide evacuation; closely tracked the Jintang, Jiansu DC sending end and the receiving end of the regional load levels, and rolling calibrated the near-area unit start-up mode arrangements to ensure that the Jintang, Jiansu DC high-power power delivery hours of voltage stability, to ensure the reliability of the grid. Voltage stability is ensured to guarantee the reliable operation of the power grid.

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