Successive failures of generating units South Africa sharply raises power restrictions

Local time on September 4 evening, South Africa’s national power company announced through social media, due to a number of generator sets successive failure to overhaul, South Africa’s national power company had to be in the early hours of the 5th again large-scale enhancement of the national scope of the power limit level.

Since the second half of this year, plagued by South Africa for many years to continue to ease the problem of power restrictions. in August, South Africa’s Minister of Electricity Ramo Haupa once declared that, with the improvement of the generating units, as well as the efficiency of the team of experts to improve, South Africa will not be re-lifted within a short period of time to limit the level of power. Since then more than a month time, South Africa’s power limit level has been maintained in one to three lower level.

However, just into September, South Africa is again facing a power supply crisis. According to the South African national power company, last week, the failure of the two generating units due to the complexity of the situation, the resumption of operation time had to be delayed. Plus nearly two days since at least four units successively need emergency repair, so South Africa’s power generation gap, had to take to improve the power limit level of response to the crisis.

In this case, the South African National Power Corporation announced that from the early morning of the 5th, the country-wide power limit level raised to a higher level of six, which means that daily South Africa will cut power generation capacity of 6,000 megawatts.

For the elevation of the power limit level, Ramo Haupa responded that timely maintenance and repair of generating units, can prevent a wider range, higher level of power limit occurs, so that the power limit for the South African economy to minimize the harm. At the same time, South Africa’s national power company called on the public, minimize unnecessary power consumption, in order to reduce the demand gap.

As one of the most important state-owned enterprises in South Africa, the South African national power company is currently mired in debt crisis. By the frequent failure of generating units, equipment lack of maintenance, fuel prices and other multiple factors, South Africa since the outbreak of new Crown pneumonia, power restrictions have gradually become the “norm”.

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