UK offshore wind pipeline reaches 98GW, second only to China

UK offshore wind pipeline reaches 98GW, second only to China

Renewable UK’s latest EnergyPulse market intelligence data report shows that the UK’s offshore wind project roadmap has reached 97,944 MW, up from 91,287 MW a year ago; the global offshore wind roadmap has reached 1.23 TW, an increase of nearly 400 GW over last year.

The roadmap includes offshore wind projects in various stages of development (operational, under construction, approved or planned)..

Currently, China ranks first in the world with 157 GW of capacity, the UK is second with 98 GW, followed by the US (82 GW), Sweden (75 GW) and Brazil (63 GW). In terms of operational capacity, China leads the world with 24.5 GW of installed capacity, while the UK ranks second with 10.5 GW, followed by Germany (7.7 GW), the Netherlands (3 GW), and Denmark (2.3 GW), respectively.

In terms of floating wind power roadmap, the UK ranked first with a capacity of 32 GW, Sweden ranked second with 25 GW, followed by Taiwan Province of China (21 GW), Ireland (16 GW), respectively.

It is reported that the UK raised the country’s 2030 offshore wind target to 50 GW last year and decided to speed up the permitting process to achieve the new target.

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