South Africa’s Power Restrictions Continue to Improve Power Minister Promises Not to Upgrade Restrictions

In response to rumors that “South Africa will raise the level of power restrictions”, South Africa’s Minister of Electricity Ramohoopa responded at the South African government’s media briefing held on August 6 that the generating units in Mpumalanga Province have been repaired and have been put into normal use, and therefore South Africa will not raise the level of power restrictions in the short term. Grade.

This means that the people of South Africa plagued by the situation of limited power has been further improved, especially with the Ramohoopa came to power, as well as power system reform continues, South Africa’s power supply in the second half of this year to continue to improve the situation.

Ramohoopa confirmed that on July 22, located in Mpumalanga Province, Grootvlei (Grootvlei) power station fire, resulting in the failure of the power station’s three units had to be suspended. It is worth noting that Grootvlei Power Station is one of the oldest power stations in South Africa, with an average daily power supply of about 1,200 megawatts.

According to Ramohauppa revealed that, fortunately, after a team of power experts to repair, the failure of the generating unit damaged control and instrumentation components to return to normal, Grundfrae power station unit back into use, known as the South African National Power Corporation this month’s “biggest highlight.

Ramo Haupa pointed out that the failure of the unit can be restored to use the first time, thanks to the South African national power company today’s efficiency, “repair team to honor their commitment to the people of South Africa.”

So far, South Africa’s power limit level has been reduced from this year’s most serious eight to the current one to three, power supply crisis has been greatly alleviated. With the winter season coming to an end and the situation of South Africa’s national power utility continuing to improve, South Africa’s power restriction levels are expected to continue to fall, said Ramohoopa.

Since the beginning of this year, South Africa’s power system continues to deteriorate, early in the year was once declared a “state of national disaster” due to frequent power limitations.

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