Sumatra’s largest power project commissioned

Anchoring the goal without relaxation, striving for the first to write a new chapter, at exactly 18:00 on September 5, local time in Indonesia, the Huadian (Indonesia) Boya No. 1 Furnace, which Dongfang Boiler participated in the construction of, was successfully put into operation through 168 hours of trial operation, during which the boiler operated stably, the parameters of each system were normal, and the operation of each component was smooth, the quality was reliable, and the performance was excellent. After five years since the preparation and construction in 2018, Booya Furnace No. 1 finally successfully completed the last kilometer from engineering construction to commercial operation with excellent operation results!

Building high-quality products on the Belt and Road, showing commitment in the Thousand Islands country

Huadian (Indonesia) Boya 2×660MW supercritical coal-fired pithead power plant project is the largest power project in Sumatra, Indonesia, and is a successful example of cooperation between China and Indonesia, as well as a typical practice of the “Belt and Road” initiative. The successful commissioning of Furnace No. 1 of the project not only promotes the development of Indonesia’s economy, but also fosters the development of local electric power technology talents and improves Indonesia’s energy structure. The successful commissioning of Furnace No. 1 not only promotes Indonesia’s economic development, but also cultivates local electric power technology talents, improves Indonesia’s energy structure, and lays a good foundation for the deepening cooperation between China and India.

Based on innovation and development, continuous optimization to strengthen the foundation

The project boiler is fueled by local high-moisture lignite. Combined with the characteristics of the coal, Dongfang Boiler has made targeted optimization in the selection of hearth, heating surface, header box, piping specifications, burner selection and flue arrangement. Among them, the pulverized coal burner adopts DBC-OPCC cyclone pulverized coal burner independently developed and designed by Dongfang Boiler for lignite, which improves the boiler’s low-load stable combustion capability, prevents slagging of the furnace and the heating surface, and reduces pollutant emissions; and a coal economizer flue gas bypass is set up in the area of the flue gas wall of the boiler’s rear shaft, which can effectively ensure the pulverized coal making system’s output and expand the adaptability of the coal quality. At the same time, it improves the degree of product factoryization and integration, and reduces the workload of on-site construction. The mature technology, reliable environmental protection and excellent indexes of each product provide a solid guarantee for the No.1 furnace to pass the test run in one go. The advanced technology empowers the local electric power industry to improve quality and increase efficiency, and helps the project to become a benchmark of the local coal-fired power station.

Scientific and standardized management, lean and efficient control of details

Huadian (Indonesia) Boya project is located in the hinterland of Sumatra Island in the primeval forest, the local road conditions are poor, especially for the transportation of large boiler parts is not easy. Dongfang Boiler attaches great importance to the implementation of the project supply, overall control of the overall situation, scientific optimization of project management, reasonable arrangements for the supply plan, to ensure that the project’s important nodes are successfully completed as scheduled. In view of the difficulties in project transportation, Dongfang Boiler precisely planned the product shipment, strengthened quality control, enhanced technical services, combined with previous project experience, to assist the site and provide large parts of the transportation reference program. In the company’s efficient communication and coordination of various departments, on-site installation, commissioning technicians carefully service, and ultimately the boiler water pressure, tube blowing, grid connection, 168 hours of commissioning and other major milestones such as nodes were a success, laying a solid foundation for the project performance.

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