Scheme design of floor type and centre type circuit breaker

For 40.5kV circuit breakerfloor type-mounted seems to be more convenient, the operating mechanism is located directly at the bottom of the pole column, the depth of the handcart can be reduced, the handcart is convenient to pull the handcart out of the cabinet, without the need to transfer the handcart, after all, the 40.5 circuit breaker is very heavy, generally about 300kg, the handcart to advance, pull out a person can not be operated at all, advancing the cabinet guide rail alignment is not a simple matter, often need to be adjusted over and over again, the centre-mounted type Circuit breaker through the transfer trolley transported to the front of the cabinet, the position of the lock, the circuit breaker will be pushed into the trolley type, wall-mounted rails are fixed directly to the side panels.

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Eaton, a leader in medium voltage technology, introduced the centre-mounted ET2 switchgear in 2008.

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The circuit breaker handcart is vacuum type mid-mounted, and the handcart design complies with IEC62271-100 and GB/T1984 standards.

Circuit breakers of the same type and rated capacity value are completely interchangeable for use. There is an anti-misoperation mechanical interlocking device between the circuit breaker handcart and the switchgear. When the circuit breaker is closed, the handcart cannot be advanced or pulled out. The circuit breaker can be closed only when the handcart is in the working or test position. The movable contacts are plum-shaped and silver-plated. The elastic fastening allows a high tolerance margin. The moving and static contacts make good contact with low main circuit resistance and low temperature rise.

Specific guide rails are installed in the circuit breaker compartment for the circuit breaker trolley to slide and work inside. The guide rail has an automatic alignment function, which can automatically align the primary movable and static contacts when the circuit breaker is pushed in. The trolley has “working”, “test” and “remove” positions within the cubicle. When the trolley moves from the “test” position to the “working” position, the door opens automatically; when the trolley moves in the opposite direction, the door closes automatically, isolating the primary contacts completely.

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Nowadays, the abolition of the middle 40.5kV switchgear, floor-standing and regain new life, the new ET2 and floor-standing 40.5kV circuit breaker handcart. The reason for this, several factors influence. The national network standardised design, cost factors and so on. The new ET2 and ZS3.2 and the market mainstream KYN61 is basically the same, 1200/1400mm width.

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Busbar system, the abolition of the centre of the ET2 D-type main busbar design.

The main busbar and branch busbar are made of high conductivity rectangular copper rows with rounded corners.

-Each busbar compartment is separated by a separate partition.

The copper rows are epoxy coated or fitted with heat-shrinkable tubing, and the laps are covered with insulated fastening boxes.

-Fully insulated main busbars throughout the switchgear.

-Large creepage distance insulators are used for busbar support.

Pre-drilled copper rows for easy field connection.

-Maximum rated current of busbar system is 3150A, short circuit current is 31.5kA-4s.

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Epoxy resin sealed vacuum circuit breaker poles, superior insulation performance through the condensation test verification, adapt to the more severe operating environment.

The superior insulation performance has been verified by condensation test and adapted to the more severe operating environment.

– Eaton’s latest generation of vacuum interrupters, long life, low loss, low cut-off value.

– The latest generation of spring-operated actuators with stable performance, long life and no maintenance under normal operating conditions.

Maintenance-free under normal operating conditions

– Ideally suited for capacitive loads (individual capacitors or banks) with very low re-strike rates.

Ideal for capacitive loads (individual capacitors or banks) with very low re-strike rates.

– Electrically operated AC/DC

– Spring energy storage indicator with auxiliary contact for remote indication of spring status

– Mechanical status indicator for close/open status

– Auxiliary contacts to indicate close/open status

– Auxiliary contacts can indicate open/close status Auxiliary contacts can indicate open/close status Position indicator shows circuit breaker open/test position

– Auxiliary contact for remote position indication

– Mechanical interlock for forced closing operation

– Mechanical interlock ensures that the circuit breaker can only be moved in and out when disconnected

The ABB ZS3.2 is a floor standing design. ABB has recently launched the 40.5 kV 1400mm wide UniGear ZS3.2 air insulated switchgear with a new generation of digitised technology, which not only meets the safety, performance and intelligence requirements of switchgear, but also reduces the whole life cycle cost of the equipment and promotes the construction of the digital grid, accelerating the realisation of a low carbon digital future. accelerating the realisation of a low-carbon digital future.

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Siemens NXAirS-40.5 centre-mounted mechanism

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