Unit 8 of Zimbabwe’s Wangi coal-fired power station successfully passes 168-hour commissioning

At 15:45 local time on June 29, Zimbabwe, Unit 8 of the Wangji Coal-fired Power Station Phase III Expansion Project, which is operated and maintained by Gansu Energy Corporation, successfully passed the 168-hour full-load reliability operation test. So far, both units of the project have passed the 168-hour trial run, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent project to enter commercial operation

The 168-hour full-load reliability operation test for thermal power generating units is one of the most important and critical items in the commissioning of new units. In order to ensure that the work of the 168-hour full-load reliability operation test of Unit 8 is carried out smoothly, the Wangji Project Department planned ahead and organised carefully, and all cadres and staff worked together in unity, actively cooperated with the EPC and commissioning units to overcome difficulties around the central task and operated in a fine manner, and completed all tasks during the full-load test run in a safe, high-quality and scientific and efficient manner. During the period, the main and auxiliary equipment and all technical and economic indicators reached the design value, the main instrumentation and protection input rate reached 100%, and the emission indicators reached the design standard.

Since its establishment, the Wangji Project Department of Gansu Energy Company has completed the organization and training of Chinese and Tianjin personnel, the preparation of the system, the shipment of operation and maintenance instruments and materials, and all preparatory work before the commercial operation of the unit has been prepared.

In the next step, the Wangji Project Department will work hard and continue to cooperate with the EPC unit to complete the last performance test of Unit 7 and various tests before the commercial operation of Unit 8 with high quality and standard, so as to promote Unit 7 and the whole plant to enter into commercial operation as soon as possible.

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