French nuclear unit output resumes with two years of sustained growth in future power generation

French nuclear production plummeted to 279 TWh in 2022, the lowest level since the 1980s. Électricité de France has released a forecast for French nuclear production in 2023, which expects a gradual increase over the next two years, with nuclear power generation between 300 TWh and 330 TWh this year. Availability of French nuclear units has increased dramatically this summer, with output on July 24 up by more than 10 GW year-over-year.

Analysts at S&P Global Commodity Insights forecast that French nuclear energy will average 30 GW of output in July and August this year, and up to 309 TWh for the year. According to French grid operator RTE, the average output in July was about 32 GW.

Électricité de France also forecasts that nuclear energy will generate around 315-345 TWh in 2024; this is expected to increase further to 335-365 TWh by 2025.

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