Huadian Indonesia Boya 2×660MW Power Plant Project Unit 1 Successfully Put into Operation

At 18:00 Jakarta time on September 5, Unit 1 of Huadian Indonesia Boya Project was successfully put into operation. Geng Kecheng, Deputy Director of International Business Department of the Group, Qiu Tiangen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huadian HIT, Zhou Dewa and Lu Yuan, members of the Party Committee and Deputy General Managers of Huadian HIT, and Dodi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Boya Company, were present at the commissioning ceremony in Beijing and at the site respectively.

Located in South Sumatra province of Indonesia, Bursa project is the largest power project invested by China Huadian in Indonesia, with 2 sets of 660,000 kW clean and efficient coal-fired units, jointly invested and developed by Huadian Overseas Investment Company Limited and Indonesian state-owned coal company (PTBA) in the ratio of 55%:45%. According to the requirements of the PPA contract, Booya project has completed various tests with excellent parameter indexes and stable system operation, marking that China Huadian’s overseas installed capacity in operation reaches 4.17 million kilowatts.

In his speech, Geng Kecheng expressed his gratitude to PLN for its strong support for the commissioning of Unit 1, pointing out that the Bursa project is a vivid practice of the Group’s high-quality construction of the “One Belt, One Road”, and is a successful case of China-Indonesia cooperation in electric power and energy, which is of great significance in promoting the development of the local economy, cultivating electric power technicians, improving the energy structure of Indonesia, and hoping that Huatech will be a major partner in the project. The project is of great significance in promoting the local economic development of Indonesia, cultivating electric power technical talents and improving the energy structure of Indonesia, and it is hoped that Huadian HIC will speed up the development and construction of overseas projects and contribute more to the international business development of the Group.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Huadian HIC, Qiu Tiangen congratulated the commissioning of the No.1 unit of Boya Project, and expressed his appreciation to the participating units and staff on the project site for overcoming a series of challenges such as difficulties in organizing the personnel and machinery, and difficulties in the production and transportation of equipments and successfully completing the commissioning of the first unit on the basis of the “five successes” of circulating water, boiler pickling, blowing pipe, turbine run-around, and complete start-up, and gave his praise for the successful completion of the commissioning of the first unit. The successful completion of the first unit commissioning is fully affirmed, and it is hoped that all the staff will make persistent efforts to do a good job in the safe and stable operation of the No.1 unit and the commissioning of the No.2 unit, strive for the early realization of the full-capacity commissioning, and work hard to build the high-quality projects outside China, and turn the Booya project into the model of China-Indonesia friendship and cooperation.

Zhou Dehua presided over the commissioning ceremony, Dodi spoke on behalf of the shareholders of PTBA, PLN announced that Unit 1 passed the NDC test, and Bursa awarded the preliminary handover certificate to the EPC project department, with the representatives of PLN, Bursa, PE, the EPC project department and the participating units attending the ceremony.

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