Russian experts assemble analytical simulator for Kursk II nuclear power plant

Experts from the Russian training center at the Kursk II nuclear power plant have assembled an analytical simulator for preparing and maintaining the qualifications of operators who will work at the plant.

The analytical simulator includes an exact replica of the unit and an alternate control panel for Unit 1. The facility is capable of simulating the processes that occur in a reactor and allows nuclear scientists to develop solutions for different events. The simulator was provided by JSC ITC JET.

Andrei Osharin, First Deputy Director for the construction of new units at the Kursk NPP, said, “It is a powerful engineering tool for checking design solutions for new units, testing control algorithms, selecting automatic regulator settings, and optimizing operational and emergency instructions.” The simulator is currently located in an existing building at the Kursk site and will be moved to the training center upon completion.

“We plan to start training personnel in the second quarter of 2024 after the finalization of the mathematical model of the simulator, which should correspond to the prototype power unit, validation acceptance tests,” said Yevgeny Sukhonosenko, head of the training center.

Construction of the training facility at Russia’s TITAN-2 (part of Rosatom) began in March. The center is intended to accommodate 200 employees of the new power plant. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Kursk II is intended to serve as a replacement station for the currently operating Kursk NPP, which consists of four aging RBMK reactors (one of which has been shut down). Units 1 and 2, currently under construction, were built under the VVER-TOI project (Standard Optimized Informational Pressurized Water Power Reactor), which is a development of the VVER-1200 reactor design. Public discussions on the siting of Units 3 and 4 began in February.

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