New Energy Knowledge | What is tidal energy and how is it used by humans?

Introduction: Tidal energy is a renewable energy source that uses the difference between high and low tidal water levels to generate kinetic energy.

History: The use of tidal energy can be traced back hundreds of years.

Current applications: Tidal energy is mainly used for power generation and ocean energy use.

Definition of tidal energy

The concept of tidal energy: Tidal energy is a form of energy that generates kinetic energy by exploiting the difference between the high and low tide levels.

Causes of tides: Tides are formed as a result of the interaction of the Earth’s gravitational and inertial forces.

The history of tidal energy

The origins of tidal energy: people have been using tidal energy since ancient times.

Development of tidal energy: from the 13th century onwards, tidal energy has been used to power machines and mills.

Modern exploitation of tidal energy: In the early 20th century, people began to explore ways of converting tidal energy into electricity.

How tidal energy is used

Samuel Hemmings Power Station: Samuel Hemmings Power Station is currently one of the largest tidal energy power plants.

Three Gorges Tidal Power Station: The Three Gorges Tidal Power Station was the first tidal power station in China.

Ocean energy use: Tidal energy can also be used for ocean energy use, such as tidal power generation and ocean thermal energy use.

Advantages and disadvantages of tidal energy

Advantages: Tidal energy is a renewable energy source and is stable and predictable.

Disadvantages: tidal energy is expensive to build and has a certain impact on the environment and marine ecology.

Tidal energy compared to other energy sources

Tidal energy versus fossil fuels: Tidal energy is a clean energy source and, in contrast to fossil fuels, does not produce harmful gases such as carbon dioxide.

Tidal energy versus solar and wind power: tidal energy has a higher degree of stability and predictability than solar and wind power.

The future of tidal energy

Future trends: With the emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, tidal energy will be one of the priorities for future development.

Technological advances: As technology continues to advance and costs decrease, tidal energy will be more widely developed and utilised.

Policy support: Government policy support for renewable energy will also promote the development of tidal energy.

Prospects for tidal energy

Development prospect: Tidal energy has a broad development prospect and is expected to become an important renewable energy source in the future.

Prospects for utilisation: Tidal energy can be used not only for power generation, but also for other areas of ocean energy utilisation, such as desalination of seawater and mariculture.


As a renewable energy source, tidal energy has a broad development prospect and important utilization value. With the continuous progress of technology and policy support, tidal energy will become an important part of sustainable development in the future

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