Electrical Knowledge | A substation near your home has no negative impact on your health, no need to move!

Recently, there have been a number of rumours circulating widely on social media and the internet claiming that the substation near your home is dangerous and may have a negative impact on the health of the surrounding residents and therefore you need to move. This claim has caused widespread fear and anxiety in the community, however, according to professional scientific studies and data, this claim is completely false. In this article we will explain and illustrate from several perspectives why substations near homes are not dangerous and why residents need not worry.

Firstly, the alternating current frequency of a substation is 50 Hz, which is a very low frequency in the field of electromagnetic radiation and the range of radiation is very small and far below the limits set by the World Health Organisation. This means that the amount of electromagnetic radiation produced by substations is very weak and has very little impact on human health, compared to the radiation produced by many electrical appliances in our daily lives. In fact, many of the appliances in our daily lives also produce electromagnetic radiation, including TVs, computers, mobile phones, etc. The radiation produced by these appliances is even higher than that produced by substations. Therefore, we do not need to worry about the health hazards of having a substation near our homes.

Secondly, substations have a certain coverage area, i.e. the power supply radius, beyond which an effective power supply cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, urban substations cannot be located arbitrarily far from residential areas either. The location and layout of substations is determined by professional power planners based on a number of factors, including municipal planning, electricity load, reliability of supply and so on. As a result, substations are usually located at the edge of the city or in easily accessible areas to ensure the quality and reliability of the electricity supply. At the same time, both the government and the power company will strictly manage and supervise the substation to ensure its safe and stable operation. In fact, the level of electromagnetic radiation from substations is comparable to that of the surrounding environment, so the impact on the surrounding environment is negligible.

Furthermore, if substations do have an impact on human health, then substation workers would be at a higher health risk. However, after years of research and observation, scientists have not found any abnormalities in the health of substation workers, which proves that the health effects of substations are negligible. Furthermore, there is no international evidence to prove that low-frequency electromagnetic fields pose a risk to human health. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for residents to worry about the health effects of living near a substation.

Finally, we need to point out that such rumours and panic not only have no scientific basis, but also cause unnecessary social panic and distress. We should trust science, the judgement and decisions of professionals, and remain rational and calm to set the record straight and disbelieve and not spread rumours. If you have any doubts or concerns about the safety and radiation of substations, you can consult your local government or power company and listen to the advice and recommendations of professionals.

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