Electrical Knowledge | What is Power Smart O&M? What are the advantages?

Equipment overhaul and maintenance refers to the necessary monitoring, repair, and maintenance of equipment and systems to keep the equipment in good condition through daily maintenance and to ensure safe, stable, and economic operation. Due to the changing times, the detection and maintenance of power equipment have become increasingly intelligent as well. The intelligent operation and maintenance systems used can better monitor the safety of electrical equipment.

What are intelligent power operation and maintenance?

Intelligent operation and maintenance of electricity is an intelligent operation that improves and perfects its operational dimension based on electricity operation and maintenance. In the current business processing of the power system, advanced technologies such as computer internet, big data processing, and article transmission are gradually put into use. It needs to integrate the state inspection technology of power equipment and integrate various online inspection data of substations, transmission lines, cable trenches, and opening and closing stations. Based on the big data platform and with the Internet of Things as the link, heterogeneous data such as PMS systems are associated, thus forming an intelligent operation and maintenance system for the state of power equipment.

The power intelligent operation and maintenance management system collects substation operation data and quasi-real-time dynamic loop data in real-time. After professional data analysis, when abnormal conditions or operation faults occur in the substation, they will be fed back to the command center in a timely manner, and the corresponding operation and maintenance engineers will be notified through mobile terminals to make fault judgments and guide field operations in conjunction with relevant fault information.

Power intelligent operation and maintenance business can be applied in the following scenarios:

Equipment management, personnel management, inspection management (substations, lines, charging piles, etc.), maintenance management (defect diagnosis, defect treatment, etc.), fault management (diagnosis, repair), dynamic loop (transformer temperature, copper row temperature, cable temperature, ambient temperature and humidity, flooding, smoke), security (access control, alarm, video, infrared), a power control (lighting, air conditioning, water supply, and drainage, etc.)

What are the advantages of intelligent operation and maintenance of electricity?

1. High utilization rate of production resources: Not so for power intelligent operation and maintenance, which improves and perfects both the management and safety monitoring and maintenance of equipment. The intelligent power distribution room system, based on energy efficiency big data, periodically provides analysis reports on electricity consumption, load changes, three-phase imbalance, transformer losses and other relevant electricity consumption information; dynamically analyses the overall project and the energy efficiency of key electricity circuits and energy-using equipment to facilitate the adoption of energy-saving This enables the adoption of energy-saving measures. This enables the distribution room to be unattended and less manned.

2. Fault alarm, prevention before it happens: The intelligent power distribution room system comprehensively monitors the power parameters, operation parameters, safety status and environmental data of electrical equipment in the cloud to carry out real-time diagnosis and analysis of big data and trend estimation, early warning of overrunning limits and fault alarm, so as to grasp the safe operation status of equipment at any time and anywhere, anticipate potential electrical faults and provide rationalised maintenance advice, preventing them before they happen.

3. Big Data Internet of Things: Power intelligent operation and maintenance is based on information technology means such as Big Data Internet of Things, and various sensors, collection and communication devices distributed in the distribution room, transmitting various electrical signals, operating parameters and environmental data to the monitoring centre based on the An Yi Yun Big Data Cloud Platform, and conducting remote, centralised, real-time monitoring of the user’s distribution room, while in each substation/distribution room, there is no longer a full-time This saves manpower costs in the distribution room and reduces the work pressure of the distribution room operators.

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