Electrical Knowledge | The important position and challenges of the power industry in the new infrastructure era

In the new infrastructure era, China is vigorously promoting the construction of seven major areas, including 5G base stations, ultra-high voltage, intercity high-speed railways, and urban rail transport, charging piles for new energy vehicles, big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial internet. The development of these areas will have a profound impact on the power industry, while also putting forward higher requirements. This paper will discuss the important position of the power industry in the new infrastructure and the challenges it faces.

A. The close link between the new infrastructure and the power industry

Every project in the new infrastructure construction is closely related to the power industry. Whether it is the operation of 5G base stations, the movement of high-speed railways, the storage of big data centers or the connection of industrial internet, all of them cannot be supported by stable and reliable electricity. This means that the power industry is playing a pivotal role in the development of new infrastructure.

1. Extra-high voltage transmission: Extra-high voltage transmission is an important part of the new infrastructure, and its core purpose is to achieve the optimal allocation of power resources. UHV transmission technology can reduce transmission losses and improve transmission efficiency over longer distances, helping to achieve green and sustainable development of energy.

2. Charging piles for new energy vehicles: With the popularity of new energy vehicles, the construction of charging piles has become a key part of the new infrastructure. The popularity of charging piles and the demand for upgrading will further promote the development of the power industry, especially in distributed energy and energy storage technologies.

3. Large data centers: As an important pillar of the new infrastructure, large data centers consume enormous amounts of electricity. Therefore, it has become an important task for the power industry to ensure the stable power consumption of big data centers.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet: The development of artificial intelligence and industrial internet will promote industrial automation and smart manufacturing, thus increasing the demand for electricity resources. The power industry will also face new opportunities and challenges in this area.

B. Challenges faced by the power industry in the new infrastructure

Although the new infrastructure has brought huge development opportunities for the power industry, it also faces many challenges.

1. Balance of supply and demand: With the construction and operation of new infrastructure projects, the demand for electricity will grow rapidly. The power industry needs to accelerate the construction of power infrastructure and improve power supply capacity to ensure a balance between supply and demand.

2. Green energy transition: In new infrastructure, the promotion and application of green energy is receiving increasing attention. The power industry needs to ensure the safety and stability of power supply while actively promoting green energy transformation and increasing the proportion of clean energy in the power structure.

3. Smart grid construction: With the promotion of new infrastructure, the power industry needs to accelerate the construction of smart grids to achieve efficient, safe and environmentally friendly dispatch and management of power resources. The construction of smart grids will help improve the stability and reliability of power systems, reduce transmission losses and reduce carbon emissions.

4. Energy storage technology development: Under the background of new infrastructure, the power industry needs to increase the research, development and application of energy storage technology to solve the problems of new energy vehicle charging piles and distributed energy sources to the grid and ensure the stable operation of the power system.

5. Electricity market reform: the promotion of new infrastructure will prompt deeper reform of the electricity market, and the power industry needs to cope with market competition, improve service levels and operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

C. Conclusion

The new infrastructure era has brought unprecedented development opportunities for the electric power industry, and at the same time has put forward higher requirements. The power industry plays a pivotal role in the new infrastructure, and its development will directly affect the quality and effectiveness of construction in all areas of the new infrastructure. Therefore, the power industry needs to seize the opportunities, meet the challenges and continue to innovate and develop.

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