Cambodia’s Gan Re hydropower plant’s single-month power output hits record high in recent years

Along with the successful conclusion of the production and power generation tasks on the last day of August, the power generation of Ganzai Hydropower Station in Cambodia exceeded 110 million kWh in that month, which is the best monthly power generation record of Ganzai Hydropower Station in the past 5 years.

In the first half of this year, Ganzai Hydropower Station Basin had less rainfall compared to the same period last year, which brought more difficulties to the project’s power generation and production work, in order to reduce the negative impact, Ganzai Company actively tapped the potential, scientifically organized the scheduling of the reservoir, and made full use of every drop of the valuable water resources in the reservoir. in mid- and late-July, the power station Basin ushered in the first heavy rainfall of the year, and Ganzai Company grasped the favorable opportunity and made every effort to organize more power generation and power generation. Ganzai seized this favorable opportunity and made every effort to organize more power generation, actively communicated and coordinated with the power grid scheduling, and got more shares of online power generation, so that all the generating units were continuously under high load rate working condition. While doing a good job of reasonable reservoir scheduling, Ganzai continued to improve the management level of power station equipment and facilities overhaul, operation and maintenance, so that the equipment and facilities are always kept in the best condition, providing a solid guarantee for efficient and stable power generation.

At present, it has entered the main flood period in Southeast Asia, and according to the weather forecast information, Ganzai Hydropower Station Basin will usher in continuous heavy rainfall in the near future. At the present stage, the project is focusing on flood prevention and control and improving power generation, and on the premise of ensuring the operation safety of power station equipments and facilities, the company is organizing the scheduling of the reservoir scientifically and reasonably and is striving for generating more power and creating more economic benefits.

Cambodia Gan Re Hydropower Station, with a total installed capacity of 194.1MW, officially entered the COD commercial operation period on August 1, 2012, and has been in COD operation for more than eleven years. As the earliest key investment project of CECC to promote the strategy of overseas whole industry chain integration, it is the first renewable energy power generation project invested and constructed by CECC in Cambodia in active response to the national “One Belt, One Road” initiative, and it is the first project to promote the “Going Global” of China’s standard, China’s design, China’s construction, and China’s equipment. It is the first renewable energy power project invested and constructed by DCCG in Cambodia in active response to the “Belt and Road” initiative of China, and is a model for promoting Chinese standards, Chinese design, Chinese construction and Chinese equipment to go out, and is an important guarantee for stabilizing the supply of electric power to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, which has been highly praised and affirmed by the government of the region and local communities.

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