Construction of Indonesia’s first pumped storage power plant starts


On July 5, the construction of Indonesia’s Upper Sisokan Pumped Storage Power Station, constructed by China Energy Construction Gezhouba Three Gorges Construction Company, started with the construction of a normal concrete mixing station, and the main construction of the power station is about to start.

The Upper Sisokan Pumped Storage Power Station is located in the upper basin of the Sisokan River in Java, Indonesia, 190 km from the capital Jakarta.

During the project preparation period, the project management team carefully studied and discussed the terms and conditions of the FIDIC contract, analysed and compared the differences between European and American standards and Chinese standards, and helped the project to start smoothly and enter the implementation stage. Up to now, nearly 30 technical proposals have been completed and approved, and C_ESMP training and more than 10 social activities have been carried out, such as joint construction between enterprises and local communities.

The project is a landmark project for the Indonesian government to promote the target of “23% renewable energy by 2025” and achieve national energy transition. The project will promote the development of local clean renewable energy and significantly enhance the peak regulation capacity and stability of the regional grid.

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