Carbon Neutral Perspectives on the Chengdu Universiade in Sichuan Province

July 12 is the 2023 National Low Carbon Day, and on July 11, the Chengdu Universiade City Publicity Series “Green Low Carbon” Special Conference was held, detailing the initiatives of the Chengdu Universiade to explore green events.

Low-carbon venues More than 70% of the venues are upgraded from existing buildings.

Magnificent white buildings stand, chamfered, soft edges, curved surfaces and other design techniques to give the building a dynamic and flowing beauty. This is the Cultural and Sports Center of Jianyang City (Donglai Impression) – the competition venue for diving and judo events in the Chengdu Universiade.

Donglai impression covers a total area of 450 acres, including “eight museums, five centers, two gardens, a large theater”. “The venue insists on implementing the green and low-carbon concept in design, construction and utilization.” Luo Wei, vice mayor of Jianyang City, introduced. Design, Donglai impression in accordance with the whole life cycle design concept, the use of return air system, rainwater reuse system, water treatment system, intelligent power conversion and distribution system and other low-carbon energy-saving and environmental protection design; construction, Donglai impression according to the green building two-star standard construction, the preferred choice of green building materials, the use of domestic advanced water concrete pouring and ground permeable paving technology, to achieve the disposal of 100% of the resources of construction waste.

Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee of the urban work services department full-time deputy minister Du Shengge introduction, the Universiade 49 event venues, 36 venues for the transformation and upgrading of existing buildings. 13 new venues have reached the two-star green building standards, such as Phoenix Hill basketball stadium facade can be switched through the intelligent control system mode; Xindu Xiangcheng sports center rainwater recycling system can save more than 3,000 tons of water per year. At the same time, the venues in accordance with the “non-essential not set up” principle of controlling the construction of temporary facilities, to strengthen the venues low-carbon intelligent operation.

These venues also focus on the fitness needs of all people at the beginning of their construction, and give full consideration to the sustainable utilization of the venues after the tournament. After the event, these venues will further play a greater social benefit.

See green energy to accelerate the charging and switching, photovoltaic, hydrogen and other new energy facilities scene construction

Chengdu makes full use of the opportunity of the Universiade to stimulate industrial vitality, accelerate the charging, photovoltaic, hydrogen and other new energy facilities scene construction, and promote the city’s energy structure adjustment.

A piece of 1.92 square meters, annual power generation of about 260 degrees, sustainable and stable power generation for 50 years – by the local enterprise Chengdu CNBM Photovoltaic Materials Co., Ltd. independent research and development of cadmium telluride power generation glass is figuratively referred to as “hanging on the wall of the oil field”. It produces 1 degree of electricity, only 11 grams of carbon dioxide emissions, has been put into use in the Sichuan Sichuan ChuanTou International Tennis Center, such as people check the channel and other functional areas, used for signage instructions.

Xindu Xiangcheng Sports Center, Chengdu, the construction of the largest charging and switching station project, up to 312 times a day to complete the switch; Universiade marathon along the Shuangliu Jinhe Road area is the first batch of Chengdu’s “intelligent street lamp + charging pile” demonstration section, 12 street lamps “transformed into” charging pile, so that the street lamps, “charging pile”. “Charging pile, so that the street charging scene into reality.

The internal combustion system of the Universiade Torch “Rong Flame” is supported by aerospace power technology, with the innovative introduction of multi-stage flow-enhanced premixed combustion and catalytic heat storage, as well as the use of full-cycle, carbon-neutral biomass propane fuel to achieve high reliability and cleanliness of the torch combustion.

Seeing the Action of the Whole People New Green and Low-Carbon Scenarios Emerge One After Another, Such as Carbon Points Redemption

In Chengdu, earning carbon points by doing low-carbon tasks and then exchanging them for a wealth of universal goods and services is nothing new.

In March 2020, Chengdu put forward the idea of “rewarding the public with carbon emission reduction points and developing and operating carbon emission reduction projects”.

In 2021, the “Carbonwise Tianfu” platform was launched, building a vehicle for the public to participate in carbon emission reduction.

This year, the platform added a special area for “Low Carbon Grand Canal” and launched activities such as knowledge quizzes and public carbon point donations.

In addition, the Grand Canal Village restaurant to create CD-ROM action, used plastic bottles to exchange souvenirs and other scenes …… to host the competition as an opportunity, more and more green low-carbon new scenes have emerged.

To run a “carbon-neutral” Universiade, Chengdu, in accordance with the path of “carbon reduction at the source, process control and neutralization at the end”, commissioned a third-party verification agency with the qualification of the United Nations Designated Operational Entities (DOEs) to conduct preliminary calculations, and after the full implementation of source emission reduction measures, the Universiade will Reduce carbon emissions by about 26,000 tons. About 370,000 tons of carbon emissions from the whole process of preparation, holding and post-event will be offset by the state-certified carbon emission reductions donated by eight local enterprises, forestry carbon sinks and carbon emission reductions from the “Carbonwise Tianfu” mechanism.

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