Electrical Knowledge | What will the smart grid do for the world’s economic and social development?

Smart grid construction has an important role to play in addressing global climate change and promoting sustainable development of the world economy and society. The main manifestations are:

(1) Promoting the development and use of clean energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting low-carbon economic development.

(2) Optimising the energy structure, realising the complementarity of multiple forms of energy, and ensuring the security and stability of energy supply.

(3) To effectively improve the efficiency of energy transmission and use, and enhance the safety, reliability and flexibility of grid operation.

(4) Promote technological innovation in related fields, facilitate technological upgrading in equipment manufacturing and information and communication industries, expand employment and promote sustainable socio-economic development.

(5) Realise two-way interaction between the grid and users, revolutionise the traditional mode of electricity services, provide users with better and more convenient services, and improve people’s quality of life.

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