Electricity knowledge | The arrival of the hot summer, must bear in mind the safety of electricity common sense

With summer in full leaf and bouncing around in the warm breeze, the peak of electricity consumption also comes one after another. If you don’t know how to use electricity safely, you’ll be more likely to have an accident. How to use electricity safely and scientifically is a major issue that every family must pay attention to. So, how to pay attention to electricity safety in summer?

A. How to use electricity safely?

1. Don’t overload electricity

In summer, there is often an overload of electricity, which can seriously affect the quality of the voltage, lead to heating of the cables, and accelerate the ageing of the insulation, which can lead to hidden electrical problems and personal electric shock accidents. During peak periods, you should avoid using multiple high-power appliances at the same time; try to use special lines for large-capacity appliances; do not connect wires indiscriminately; and do not use the same socket for multiple appliances.

2. Regular checks should be made on frequently used appliances in summer, such as electric showers, vertical air conditioners, washing machines, etc. Care should be taken to check ~ for example, use an electric pen to test whether the metal casing is charged. Focus on checking the joint parts of the wiring and replace with new wiring if you find problems with ageing wiring. The sockets of various electrical appliances should be kept away from fire sources, and any damaged power cords should be wrapped with insulating tape in time to prevent short circuits.

3. Place electrical appliances correctly. In summer, when the sun is strong, they should be placed in a place free from direct sunlight or shade and well ventilated.

4. Stop using “sick” electrical appliances. When an electrical appliance is in abnormal condition, such as odour, smoke, vibration, increased noise or temperature rise, cut off the power immediately and call a professional to overhaul the appliance.

In the hot season, people sweat a lot, hands are often wet, may go to plug or unplug the mobile phone charger, this will be very dangerous, should dry hands before contact with live equipment.

B. Cable selection is important

1. Choose the right model

Different uses of wire and cable have different models and specifications, you need to choose the right model and specifications according to the actual situation.

2. Choose the right material

Different models and specifications of wire and cable use different materials, you need to choose the qualified materials in line with national standards.

3. Pay attention to the length of the wire and cable

When choosing wire and cable, you need to consider whether its length meets the actual needs to avoid excessive waste.

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