Or paralyze the Earth’s power grid! Experts warn

NASA’s “Trail” Mars rover recently photographed a massive black spot on the surface of the Sun that may continue to grow and move across the surface of the Sun, facing Earth next week. Experts have warned that the black spot could unleash a high-energy explosion that could paralyze the Earth’s power grid. The giant sunspot was reportedly observed by the Mars rover “Perseverance” from August 17 to August 20 while exploring Mars’ Jezero Crater.

The Perseverance rover reportedly observed this giant sunspot while exploring Mars’ Gazelle Crater from August 17th to August 20th. Because Mars currently orbits on the backside of the sun, Perseus saw the sunspot more than a week before we did on Earth.

Sunspots are not black, they just appear black against the bright background of the photosphere because they are cooler than the photosphere. It is believed that sunspots look dark because they are at least 2,200 degrees Celsius cooler than their surroundings. Sunspot temperature is low as a direct result of its own strong magnetic field, magnetic field strength of about 1,000-4,000 gauss between, 10,000 times higher than the strength of the magnetic field on Earth. A strong magnetic field inhibits the transfer of energy from the sun’s interior outward by convection.

Therefore, when a strong magnetic field surfaces on the surface of the Sun, the background temperature in the region slowly drops from 5700°C to about 4000°C, causing the region to appear as a dark spot, i.e., a black spot is created.

Sunspots are seldom active alone, usually appearing in groups, and when active, they will have an effect on the Earth’s magnetic field. When a large group of sunspots appear on the sun, there will be magnetic storms that will make the compass jittery and unable to correctly indicate the direction; pigeons, which are usually very good at recognizing the direction, will get lost.

Radio communication will also be seriously impeded, and even suddenly interrupted for a period of time, these anomalies will be on the aircraft, ships and satellites of the safety of navigation, as well as television and faxes and so on, pose a serious threat.

According to international sunspot data released by the Royal Observatory of Belgium, more than 160 sunspots reportedly appeared on the surface of the sun in June this year, the highest number of sunspots in more than 20 years. According to some articles, solar activity will become more extreme in the next 2-3 years, and highly catastrophic solar storms may occur.

A solar storm is a violent outburst of activity produced by the sun during the peak phase of spade activity. The high-speed particle streams formed by the release of a large number of charged particles during the eruption seriously affect the Earth’s space environment, destroy the ozone layer, interfere with wireless communications, and are also hazardous to human health. Solar storms also affect GPS radio signals. It not only interferes with the ionosphere where the signals are transmitted, but also generates additional noise signals.

The effects of solar storms are mainly concentrated in outer space, and due to the blocking effect of the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, life on Earth is not too significantly disturbed as a result. Experts said that when the solar storm activity is active, the black son constantly burning, explosion, during which a large number of ultraviolet rays will be released to make the sudden increase in the concentration of the ionosphere over the Earth, absorbing the energy of the short-wave, thus resulting in interference with short-wave radio signals. However, cell phones used by people in daily life, including some radios, do not propagate signals through the ionosphere, so general solar storms will not have much impact on communications on the Earth’s surface. Theoretically, the intensity of a typical solar storm is not strong enough to break through the protection of the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field, posing a fatal threat to existing species on Earth.

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