Swedish power company to use nuclear, wind power to produce hydrogen

Swedish power company to use nuclear, wind power to produce hydrogen

On June 2, Vattenfall announced that it will use electricity from the Ringhals nuclear power plant and the Kattegat Syd offshore wind farm to produce electrolytic hydrogen.

In June 2022, the company began a feasibility study to build at least two small-scale reactors (SMRs) at Ringhals, and in May 2023, the Swedish government gave the company approval to build the 1.2 GWe Kattegat Syd offshore wind farm 25 kilometers from Falkenberg.

Great Falls Power said Svenska kraftnat, the Swedish transmission system operator, has fully evaluated the application for the project to connect the nuclear power plant and wind farm in Lingshals, and that the electrolytic hydrogen project would make better use of nuclear and wind energy.

Great Falls Power says there is a high demand for hydrogen energy from companies such as oil refineries and petrochemical plants on Sweden’s west coast. Marcus Eriksson, the company’s technical advisor, announced at a seminar in November 2022 that Great Falls is considering two small reactor designs, a 300 MWe class design from General Electric Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) in the United States and a 470 MWe class design from Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom. He stressed that the decision to introduce the two designs will be made only after they have been commercialized.

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