Xinjiang cumulative outward power transmission exceeds 700 billion kWh

Xinjiang Power Trading Center Co., Ltd. 25 released data show that as of the end of August, Xinjiang’s cumulative outgoing power reached 701.955 billion kWh, exceeding 700 billion kWh mark, available to 1.4 billion people nationwide with 218 days, equivalent to the in situ conversion of 210 million tons of standard coal, emission reduction of 573.32 million tons of carbon dioxide, 1.8 million tons of sulfur dioxide, 1.57 million tons of nitrogen oxides, and play an active role in It has played a positive role in guaranteeing the safe and reliable supply of energy and preventing and controlling air pollution in the country.

Among the 701.955 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity sent out, 2002.32 billion kilowatt-hours of new energy was sent out, accounting for nearly 30% of the total amount of electricity sent out, i.e., for every three degrees of electricity sent out from Xinjiang, nearly one degree of electricity is green electricity.

As one of the important comprehensive energy bases in China, Xinjiang has abundant coal, solar and wind resources. Since the start of Xinjiang power transmission in 2010, it has successively built the Hami-Dunhuang 750kV transmission project, Yandun-Shazhou 750kV transmission project, Hami South-Zhengzhou ± 800kV UHV DC transmission project, Changji-Guquan ± 1100kV UHV DC transmission project. 1100kV UHV DC Transmission Project, Changji – Guquan ± 1100kV UHV DC Transmission Project, “two crosses and two straight” four ultra-ultra-high-voltage transmission corridors, the power transmission capacity of Xinjiang reached 24 million kilowatts. The amount of electricity sent out has rapidly expanded from 300 million kWh in 2010 to 125.8 billion kWh in 2022, and the number of provinces sent out has expanded from 7 to 20, realizing the goal of “energy in the air and electricity sent to the whole of China”, which not only converts Xinjiang’s rich coal and scenery resources into economic advantages but also injects surging kinetic energy into economic development of provinces and municipalities outside the territory. Economic development for provinces and cities outside the territory to inject surging kinetic energy.

With the autonomous region to vigorously develop new energy initiatives to the ground, Xinjiang wind power and other new energy installed capacity continues to grow, into a high-speed development stage. At present, Xinjiang has built the Hami ten million kilowatts level, Jundong, Darbancheng, Jubei, ring Tarim one million kilowatts level new energy base. As of the end of August 2023, Xinjiang power grid cumulative power installed 130,938,600 kilowatts, of which the cumulative installed capacity of new energy reached 53,009,900 kilowatts (30,357,800 kilowatts of wind power installed, photovoltaic installed capacity of 22,652,100 kilowatts), accounting for the total installed capacity of the Xinjiang grid of 40.48%, the scale of installed capacity ranked among the forefront of the country, the first in the northwest.

“This year, the new energy development has significantly accelerated, hitting a number of ‘history’s most’.” State Grid Xinjiang power control center water new office specializing in Ding Biwei introduction, only the first half of this year, Xinjiang new energy installed capacity of 7.017 million kilowatts, is 10.5 times the same period last year, the growth rate of 950%, the fastest growth rate of the same period than the history of 571 percentage points higher.

Currently, the third DC channel – ± 800 kV Hami-Chongqing UHV DC transmission project is accelerating the construction. By that time, the capacity of Xinjiang’s power transmission will exceed 30 million kilowatts, and more than 36 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity will be sent from Hami to Chongqing every year, injecting new vitality into the Chengdu-Chongqing region’s Twin Cities Circle and the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Xinjiang’s electricity will also be “directly to” Central China, East China, Southwest China, power supply radiation circle will be more and more broad.

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