Unit 6 of Canada’s Bruce Nuclear Power Plant restarted

Bruce Power (Canada) recently announced that Unit 6 (Candu) at the Bruce nuclear power plant in Ontario has been restarted following the completion of a major component replacement (MCR) program. The unit has been offline since January 2020 and is scheduled to return to commercial operation later in 2023.

Bruce NPP Unit 6 is the first of six Candu reactor units in Ontario to undergo a refurbishment program designed to extend its life to 2064. Beginning in May 2023, the unit began loading and is expected to be back on the grid in the fourth quarter.

Bruce Unit 3 started the MCR program in March 2023. The refurbishment project for Bruce Units 3 through 8 is proposed to be fully completed by 2033, with refurbishment of Units 1 and 2 already completed. Completion of the refurbishment will extend the life of each unit by 30 to 35 years.

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