Poll shows majority of Europeans support EU energy transition

The European Commission on July 10 released the results of the latest opinion polls show that the vast majority of EU citizens continue to support the energy transition, and expect the EU to make large-scale investment in renewable energy.

The European Commission released the same day the “Eurobarometer” survey shows that 85% of respondents believe that the EU should invest in large-scale wind and solar energy and other renewable energy; 82% of respondents believe that to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, transportation and commodities will enable the EU to reduce the dependence on external energy suppliers; 80% of the respondents believe that the European Union Member States should jointly source energy from outside the EU to obtain lower prices.

In addition, 81% of respondents agree that reducing oil and gas imports and investing in renewable energy is important for the overall security of the EU; 82% of respondents say the EU should reduce its dependence on Russian energy as soon as possible. In terms of trust in the EU, 47% of respondents tended to trust the EU, while 45% tended to distrust it.

The poll was conducted by Eurobarometer, the official polling organization of the European Commission. The agency conducted a face-to-face survey between May 31 and June 21 among about 26,000 respondents from the 27 EU member states.

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