China Energy Construction signs project in Uzbekistan

Song Hailiang met with ACWA Power Chairman Mohammad Abunayan and witnessed the signing of the project

Recently, Mr. Song Hailiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Energy Construction, held a meeting with Mohammad Abunayan, Chairman of ACWA Power in Riyadh. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on the continuous strengthening of multi-disciplinary cooperation in the global market and witnessed the signing of a photovoltaic project in Tashkent Oblast, Uzbekistan.

Song Hailiang expressed his gratitude to Abunayan for his hospitality. He said that China and Saudi Arabia are now fully implementing the important consensus between the leaders of the two countries on the docking of the “Belt and Road” initiative and “Vision 2030”, and the two countries are cooperating more closely in infrastructure, production capacity, energy, trade and investment, finance, humanities and other fields. In recent years, China Energy Construction has worked closely with ACWA Power on a number of projects in the fields of photovoltaics, wind power, energy storage and seawater desalination. He said that China Energy Construction will continue to take advantage of the integration of the whole industry chain in planning and consulting, assessment and evaluation, survey and design, engineering construction and management, operation and maintenance, and investment and operation, and focus on the construction of clean energy, comprehensive energy storage, gas-fired power plants, power grid planning, hydrogen production and other fields, and promote practical cooperation between the two sides in Saudi Arabia and even in the global third-party market in the form of working teams. We hope that both sides will uphold the concept of win-win development, form a more effective communication and consultation mechanism from the top, middle and grassroots levels, and join hands to promote the high-quality construction of “One Belt, One Road” from “going out” to “going in”, and then to “integration”. “and then “integrate” to achieve full integration.

Abunayan welcomed Song Hailiang and his delegation. He said that ACWA Power regards China Energy Construction as an important strategic partner, and the two sides have accumulated rich experience and established deep friendship through close cooperation in many projects, such as the 2.6GW photovoltaic power plant project in Al Shubah, Saudi Arabia, the UAE Umm Al Ghawan seawater desalination project, the Syr Darya gas power plant project in Uzbekistan, and the Bukhara wind power project in Uzbekistan. We hope that both sides will further explore opportunities for cooperation in various fields in the global market, innovate business cooperation models, create greater value and achieve win-win development, and continue to add to the promotion of practical cooperation between Saudi Arabia and China.

The Tashkent Oblast PV project is an important part of a package of light and storage IPP projects in Uzbekistan that ACWA Power has negotiated with the Uzbek government to develop. The project is located in the northeast of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and will greatly enhance the green power supply capacity and new energy development in Uzbekistan after completion.

Chen Xiaohua, Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Energy Construction, Raad Sande, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of ACWA Power, Mark Saili, General Manager of ACWA Power, and the heads of relevant departments and units of both sides attended the event.

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