Belektro (Berlin, Germany) is the most important event for the power and energy industry in Germany. An industry platform for new product launches, electricity is a key factor in building service projects. Switches, connectors and other electrical products are crucial for modern applications. Networks and energy efficiency are what make systems viable in the future.

Belektro, the German power equipment exhibition in Berlin last exhibition total area of 30,000 square meters, 456 exhibitors are from China, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, China Taiwan, etc., the number of exhibitors reached 23,936 people.

The groundbreaking trend and market opportunity at Belektro, the German electrical equipment exhibition in Berlin, lies in the upgrading and modernization of buildings with high-end systems and services. The electrical industry is playing a leading role by offering multifunctional solutions and high-quality functional products designed to improve convenience, safety and efficiency. The main goal of Belektro, the electrical equipment exhibition in Berlin, Germany, is to centralize information and quickly transfer knowledge and advanced expertise.

Power station products and equipment systems: power devices, high-voltage switches, transmission, distribution networks, transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, power capacitors, high-voltage open cabinets, monitors, motor engineering, power supply and accessories, wire and cable, insulation materials, measurement and electronic equipment systems, etc.

Power transmission and transformation equipment: high and low voltage transformers, instrument transformers, power inverters, wires and cables, power capacitor lightning arresters, grounding resistors, reactors, electric furnaces and heating equipment, welding machines, insulators and others; power distribution devices and control equipment, switching devices, high voltage switches, high and low voltage circuit breakers, clean energy and other equipment manufacturing

Various types of power generation equipment: wind power generation equipment, solar energy technology and equipment, waste treatment energy technology, renewable energy, atomic nuclear reactors, steam boilers, steam turbines and other energy generation systems; various types of motors and generators

Exhibition time:2023-11-01 ~ 11-01 Opening hours:09:00-18:00

Address: Europe – Germany Germany Berlin Exhibition and Convention Center

Exhibition Industry:Electricity

Organizer: Messe Berlin, Germany


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